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Mbira Soc.

Mbira Soc


Mbira Soc was started in May 2012 with an aim to help people to learn mbira, the Shona musical instrument from Zimbabwe.

Mbira Soc currently has 20 members, most of whom live in Wellington. We meet in groups twice a month to learn new tunes and songs, but players get together whenever possible to practice the parts and to get familiar with the special rhythmic patterns that bind the music into a cyclic and mesmerizing groove.

Julian has been an mbira enthusiast and player for the last six years. He has studied mbira with Chris Berry, Erica Azim and Leonard Chiyanike.
He is particularly passionate about spreading the knowledge, understanding and skills of mbira learning and performance around New Zealand.

Julian teaching mbira(copy)





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(04) 802 5398 or 021 0767570

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