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Songs for Children
Songs For Children
These are songs for teachers and children to enjoy singing together at different times of the day. It might be that you need a song to raise energy levels, or to make children concentrate or think, or perhaps some music to calm everyone and restore order. Of course any one song can be enjoyed in different ways; you are only limited by your imagination or that of your children.

These songs (from Africa and the Americas) all have characteristic rhythmic elements that can be interpreted through body and voice. They are not songs for 'choirs' in the first instance, but instead for groups of young people who understand how much pleasure can be gained from singing and being playful with music.

All the songs can be sung without accompaniment and the CD enclosed with the book includes all the songs and many of them demonstrated by children singing
World Percussion in the classroom
World Percussion in the Classroom
Drumming and percussion are  aspects of music making that most children find stimulating and pleasurable. Rhythm makes us want to move our bodies and we feel connected to the music in a physically tangible way. By learning about pulse, rhythm and groove we can relate to music as a primary vehicle for celebration, dance and group bonding. When children learn to play together as a class group they will experience levels of social and emotional development and they will also experience happiness!
This resource book is in the form of a ‘starter-pack’ and provides ways into rhythm for musicians and teachers who may have yet to explore this fascinating world in depth. Included are exercises and pieces that incorporate voice and body music together with music for a variety of percussion.
More Songs for Children
More Songs For Children
Another volume of songs that celebrates all that is playful, liberating and energetic in children's music. They have been adapted or arranged from a variety of sources, but they all have their roots in time-honored or folk traditions from different cultures in the African and American continents. The songs have melodic, rhythmic and harmonic qualities that will be enjoyed by children of all ages and should, as a rule, be taught by ear. The scores and recordings can be considered as starting points, or guides, for you are encouraged to develop the songs according to your imagination or inspired by ideas from the children. Movement is an essential element of these songs; these are not prescribed, so you are invited to devise your own with your children's' help of course. The songs have been grouped in stylistic categories to help you identify songs for particular groups, occasions, or levels of experience.
Songs for the Young Cover-660 Songs For the Young (at Heart)

This collection is designed to help people who like to lead singing in all types of places; classrooms, day centers, community halls, camp-fires, coaches. They are grouped in genres or themes but other than that they have no special significance other than just being good songs. Remember that the printed notes are only a starting point for your own and your group’s creativity and sense of fun. And, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!       


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